Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lord of the Flies Challenge Projects

1. Write a 2-3-page paper exploring the concept of “pig” in several cultures. Compare/contrast those concepts with the use of “pig” in Lord of the Flies.

2. Create a replica of the island in Lord of the Flies based on details from the story. Write a one-page paper explaining the significance of the island and its physical features for the story.

3. Construct a replica of the Lord of the Flies. Write a one-page paper explaining its symbolic significance.

4. Create a topographical map of the island large enough to display in the classroom. Label sites of significance in order of their occurrence in Lord of the Flies. Provide a key, explaining the thematic significance of each site.

5. Compose a musical score, depicting one major event in Lord of the Flies. Perform for the class. Write a one-page paper explaining the event and the reason you chose each musical effect.

6. Create a drawing or painting of one of the characters in Lord of the Flies, expressing his personality. Write a one page paper explaining the artistic techniques used to communicate the character’s personality.

7. Choreograph a ritual dance that could have been used in Lord of the Flies. Perform for the class. Write a one-page paper explaining the relationship of the choreography to the story.

8. Develop masks for the major characters in Lord of the Flies. By changing masks, illustrate the changing of the characters. Demonstrate to the class. Write a one-page paper explaining the symbolic value for the masks in relation to the characters.

9. Investigate the use of ceremonial sounds such as the conch, the trumpet, bells, etc. to begin or end rituals. Demonstrate for the class. Write a one page paper explaining what you learned.

10. Demonstrate the symbolic relationship of clothing and civilization in Lord of the Flies for the class. Do the same for the current civilization. Write a one-page summary of the relationship of clothing and society.

11. Write a 2-3-page paper examining the concepts/images of mysticism in Lord of the Flies.

12. Write a 2-3-page paper analyzing Christina ethics/symbols in Lord of the Flies. Conclude by determining whether Golding believed in Christianity or not.

13. Prepare a recording of island sounds that may have occurred during the Lord of the Flies adventure. Write a one-page paper explaining your sound montage and play your tape for the class.

14. Prepare an island feast for the class, using foods or simulations of foods that were detailed in Lord of the Flies. Explain the significance of each food item in a one-page paper.

15. Choose one major character and psychoanalyze his personality. Use actual psychological terms and support your analysis with evidence from Lord of the Flies in a 2-3-page paper.

16. Videotape interviews with the major surviving characters appearing on a talk show to relate their adventure to the t.v. audience. Use events from the book. Write a one-page paper explaining the significance of the events you choose to share with the t.v. public.

17. Videotape a grand jury preliminary hearing determining whether there is enough evidence to investigate Piggy’s death as a murder. Use actual characters and details from the book, as well as your own characters for your grand jury and court personnel. Write a 2-3-page script for this videotape.

18. Write three conflicting newspaper accounts by three different reporters detailing the vents on the islands as told by to the media by the boys after being rescued.

19. Research William Golding’s life and in a 2-3-page paper, relate any details that could have influenced his writing of Lord of the Flies.

20. There are no female characters in Lord of the Flies. Write a 2-3-page paper, speculating upon how the story would have changed with the introduction of a female character. Also, try to determine why Golding did not include female characters and whether this is a compliment or an insult to women.


Aaron said...

Hi, I was searching for Lord of the Flies project ideas for my 10th grade classes, and I found your blog. I love your ideas, and I'm going to borrow several for my own class. Thanks for posting them!

Rhonda said...

I was reading over the list of projects. I have a new honors class reading Lord of the Flies. I wondered if you had any suggestions for the project list; are there any that you wouldn't include again on the choice list?

Aaron said...

Be careful about anything involving food-I let students make cake models of the LOTF island, and then let their classmates eat them. It was great, but they made a huge mess. That's the only problem I ran into, but the only thing I would've changed was imposing a few restrictions in terms of providing eating supplies/utensils and keeping the classroom clean.

Megan said...

Thanks so much for the ideas. I am a high school special ed. teacher and I need a variety of options for all the different skill levels. Your list really helped me create a menu of options.
Thanks so much!

Fran said...

These ideas are terrific! I love the creativity and the way you provide so many opportunities to connect with the literature!

courtney rules said...
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courtney rules said...

Hello. I was searching for some additional project ideas for my Honors English 11 class and this is very helpful, concidering the deep analysis that we are doing. Thank you!

A. Belkus said...

Hello, I was researching a multi-media project for varying levels in my 9th grade English class. Your ideas are fantastic! They are creative and will benefit students at all ability levels. I took a couple that I thought my students would be interested in and could complete well.

Thank you for your help!